Robots only create value when they run

Introducing your Unlimited
Digital Workforce
UiPath Pay-as-you-Go

Imagine unlimited Enterprise-grade UiPath RPA capacity, with no contracts tying you up, where you only pay for the minutes a robot runs, including all the licencing, infrastructure, and your own dedicated 24/7 Robotic Operations Control Room.

Many call it a dream; we call it “Run-as-you-Require”. Queue the cheesy music!

What's included?

Why buy technology when you're looking for a solution?

the leading robot as a service Solution


Run-As-You-Require is a Robot-as-a-Service cloud-based digital workforce platform solution and managed service that offers unlimited UiPath Enterprise robot usage that can scale according to your Automation and transaction volume requirements. Robots only create value when they run. So only pay for a minute if it ran for a minute. No licensing cost, no infrastructure costs and no limit on scaling. With free 24/7 Support and 24/7 Run Management. 

Welcome to the Automation Revolution!

What's limiting your Automation potential?

Problems our clients Experienced With Traditional RPA models

Having deployed RPA all over the world, we found the same frustrations across the globe, from the fact that one Robot can only run one process at a time; to the underutilization of robots to provision for availability during peak periods. they all came to the same conclusion; more robots do not mean higher utilization or value.

One RPA Worker can only carry out one automation task at a time. What if you have multiple more processes that need to run simultaneously or peak period volumes where the number of bots you have is not enough?

Ensuring your RPA Automations keeps running isn’t as easy as simply moving from development to production and pressing play. For high availability and smooth running, several things need to take place in the background, including:

  • Allocating required licenses and virtual machines effectively
  • Handling security updates to the environment
  • Maintaining the RPA tool itself
  • Scheduling automations
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Implementing changes to the processes as applications updated
  • Implementing changes to the processes in
  • coordination with updates to target applications

RPA’s function is to free up employee capacity from mundane tasks, enabling them to focus on the things that robots can’t do – That human touch.

The value of RPA lies within the number of successfully processed processes; however, transaction volumes may vary by month, week, day or hour. RPA automations can typically be acquired using a traditional licensing model, either utilizing on-premises/private cloud infrastructure or as a service on managed infrastructure. In both situations, a predetermined number of RPA licenses will need to be bought on fixed terms to support a predetermined capacity. To be able to manage those peaks, you need to commit to more licences than you require to be able to cater for those peaks.

This traditional model is not ideal as you are locked in, with no flexibility and restricts business value optimization. It also prohibits you from using the technology for short-term or temporary needs.

The traditional license-based costing model requires you to purchase RPA products for the development, maintenance, monitoring and enhancement of your RPA workforce individually or as add-ons. These limitations prevent companies from maximizing the business value, forcing them to focus on the technology instead of the solution.

How do you unlock the true potential of Automation?

3 key things to maximise RPA

Not being limited by the number of robot licenses allows you to scale your digital workforce up and down as you require. Adding in infrastructure through the cloud enables you to truly scale your digital workforce without limitations and little to no effort.

The ability to ensure your Digital Workforce’s quality and performance grows and scales with your automations through a 24/7 Robotic Operations Control Room that monitors, supports and maintains is critical. Therefore, it is advisable to set up RPA maintenance flexibly to accommodate growing or changing needs.

It is crucial to have a 24/7 Robotic Operations Control Room that monitors, supports and maintains your digital workforce to ensure that its performance and quality increase and expands as you scale your automation productions. It is advisable to set up RPA maintenance from the beginning that is scalable, flexible and enhances your internal ability to meet the needs of your scaling automations. Ensuring you are not distracted with the day-to-day run management but instead focused on generating business value through developing new automations.

A key requirement for any business’s digital automation transformation is to scale. However, as with all transformation projects, the required resources can fluctuate. Access to sufficient and specialized resources and utilizing them is vital in creating the potential to engage more people across the business and efficiently grow and manage the automation program without resource limitations.

the leading robot-as-a-service Solution

Introducing Run-as-you-require

The Datora “Run-As-You-Require” service was designed with the ambition to make Intelligent Automation accessible to all businesses. We deliver all components required to run UiPath RPA in production through a simple, centralized solution with billing based on consumption. This service includes everything you would have traditionally had to purchase up front, including UiPath enterprise licencing, RPA Supervisor, High availability Nodes, Azure Virtual Infrastructure, and a 24/7 Robotic Operations Control room. (On-prem and private/private cloud deployments available for enterprise clients.).

This frees our customers to focus on what matters: maximizing business value by growing and managing the automation program.

The “Run-As-You-Require” service utilizes a pay-as-you-go model. Customers only pay for the Automation minutes consumed by the Robots. Additionally, the flexible delivery strategy makes it possible to automate in an agile manner, allowing customers the support to run their Automatons and grow them as dynamically as their business requires.

The benefits

Pay as you Use

We keep it simple. We provide unlimited UiPath Enterprise Robotic Process Automation capacity, and you only pay for the minutes consumed by your RPA automations.

On-demand Capacity ​

You now have access to capacity, not just robots. We deliver the required RPA capacity from our Robot as a Service cloud to run the processes in a way that meets your business requirements.


By proving you with the robot infrastructure through our Azure Cloud Environment, we ensure capacity is never the problem.

No Licence Fee, No Contract Commitments​​​

Don't pay for licencing ever again. Our Cloud RaaS service includes all licences you require, including the RPA Software, UiPath High Availability Nodes, OS Licencing and Robot Database Licencing​

Scalable Production Maintenance.​

Our "run-as-you-Require" comes standard with your dedicated 24/7 Robotic Operations Control Room. Additionally, we can provide you with 24/7 maintenance to do first-line troubleshooting and hot patch change management on all your RPA processes, delivering a true end-to-end solution for all your RPA Run management

24/7 Robotic Operations Control Room.​

Our Automation Maintenance team takes care of all your daily automation Monitoring and L1 Run Support. With separate SLA's for each RPA process, we will ensure they are running at optimal efficiency.

How do we supply you with limitless capacity?

What's running in the Background?

RPA Software

Having worked with UiPath Since 2017 and Registred Partner we know what you need , and it is all included.

AI-enabled Controller

Optimizing operations with AI driven orchestration and automated error handling.

24/7 Support

With a world class service you need a world class support portal. Every incident logged and tracked.

Also available - Document Understanding as a Service

Do you require the same pay-as-you-go option for your intelligent automation document processing? Our Document-Understanding-As-A-Service solution is what you need. With no volume limitations, Air-driven ML functionality and our added Verification Service addon provide you with a seamless document automation experience. 

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